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Deadlywind Whip Tip CF Freak Tip 14 inch


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Deadlywind Whip Tip CF Freak Tip 14 inch

Deadlywind Whip Tip

Built from the same high quality, swab-able carbon fiber as the Fibur barrel, the Deadlywind Whip Tip is your Carbon Fiber tip solution to your existing 2-piece barrel kit. Weighing in at just 26 grams for the 12" tip (33 grams for the 14" tip), it is the lightest tip available.

Unlike other carbon fiber barrels, the Whip Tip is built with a unique 3 layer construction. 2x2 satin Twill external, uni-direction fibers laid up in a strong multi-vector pattern, and then a super slick "Silkfiber" inside that can be safely swabbed. CNC-ported with 3 rows of straight ports then hand-assembled and quality checked-- You can't get any more accurate.

The Whip Tip is only the "front" part to be used with your existing 2-piece barrel kit.
Listed lengths for the Whip Tip is the final approximate length your barrel kit will be with the Whip Tip installed on it.
Planet Eclipse Shaft4 specific notes:
- Shaft4 12" tips are available, but ridiculously short (~2.5" of visible CF).
- Shaft4 14" tips are now 14.5" to match the stock Shaft4 14 tip length.
- Shaft4 16" tips are still 16".

Currently available for the following barrel kits:

-Dye Ultralight and Dye 2-piece Boomstick.

-Smart Parts Freak (also same as GoG Freak, Empire SuperFreak, and DLX Luxe barrel tip threads)

-Planet Eclipse Shaft4.

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