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TechT Kush Pro Series Ego Bolt


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Tech T Kush Pro Series Ego Bolt

TECHT's Kush Pro Series Ego Bolt

TECHT's Kush Pro Series Bolt for the Planet Eclipse Ego and Etek marker series utilizes our "Even-Flow" venting technology. This "Even-Flow" venting allows the Kush Bolt to obtain optimal efficiency, while quieting the traditional sound signature associated with the Ego and Etek significantly.

The Kush Bolt is not only more efficient, but it is lighter and smoother! The KUSH Bolt is made from 900 SP Series Delrin which makes it cycle smoother and has lower wear and friction properties.900 SP Series Delrin makes the Kush Bolt smoother than ever! TECHT opted for this material because it has much better wear resistance than standard delrin. This means your bolt will maintain optimal performance much longer than other bolts, and not scratch near as easily. The Kush Bolt also pushes the limits of weight reduction while not compromising the velocity limits of the stock rammer. Whether you choose the Kush Pro Series Bolt or our Hush Pro Series you can rest assure that you are getting one of the best Ego bolts on the market.

The TECHT Pro Series Kush Bolt incorporates some the benefits of the older version of the Hush Bolt. The Kush Bolt has our new soft-touch face as well as anti-friction cuts to minimize drag & breech wear. Similar bolt mods (props to Pooty) have been seen but cost additional money and time in transit, not to mention void your TECHT Lifetime Warranty. Our anti-friction cut style allows for no wasted air in the detent portion of the bolt. This means players are getting the lightest, quietest, most efficient, & friction free bolt on the market and without having to spend additional money.

Other bolt features include our ramping detents grooves which make for a much easier transition for the ball detents during each shot. The detents no longer get hung up on the face orings on the bolt return.

Highlights of the TechT Ego Hush Bolt

Quiet Operation- the Kush Bolt was designed to have a less abrupt "pop" or "crack" that has traditionally been associated with Ego Markers. The Kush bolt was designed for a quieter sound signature than stock but if quiet is what you are looking for- you need to look at our Hush Pro Series Bolt for the Ego.

Increased Efficiency- the combination of our Even-Flow vent design and our soft touch oring allows the Kush Bolt to seal the routing of air directly through the face better than ever before. This results in less air leaking around the bolt itself- which means far less wasted air. The Even-Flo vent configuration also allows for extremely uniform airflow- this means tighter groupings and better accuracy.

Super Light Design- the Kush Bolt weighs in at only 13.8 Grams! (o-ringed/ without the pin) 100% 900 SP Series Delrin construction means you are getting the lightest, fastest bolt possible. The use of 900 SP Series Delrin allows for a smoother more wear resistant bolt.

Soft Touch Face- our Kush Pro Series Bolt features a new soft touch face which allows for less ball stack clipping, which means less broken paint in your breech. This soft touch o-ring also allows for a better seal in the forward position. This seal means better long term efficiency.

R.A.D.- Our Ramp Assisted Detent groove allows for much smoother operation, and prolongs the life of your ball detents.

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