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TechT Zero Kick Hammer SE - Mk2


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TechT Zero Kick Hammer SE - Mk2
TechT Zero Kick Hammer SE - Mk2
TechT Zero Kick Hammer SE - Mk2

TechT Zero Kick Hammer SE Mk2

The Zero Kick Hammer SE™ is the most important/noticeable performance upgrade you can install on your paintball marker.

Zero Kick Hammer Mk2 design weighs in at nearly half the weight of the stock hammer in order to reduce kick and recoil. The less weight you have slamming back and forth, means the less the gun moves with each shot. The result is increased accuracy!

To even further increase accuracy we also hand polish the outer bore of the hammer to allow it to move as freely as possible inside the gun. This makes for better consistency and that equates to even further increased accuracy.

We also increased the wear life of the hammer by heat treating the hammer to be 20% harder than the stock hammer. This means that no matter how much you use and abuse it, it will continue to work as intended!

All in all, the Zero Kick Hammer is designed to dramatically improve the overall firing characteristics, feel, reliability and accuracy of your marker. 

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