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TechT L7 Bolt Upgrade - Geo


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TechT L7 Bolt Upgrade - Geo

TechT L7 bolt Upgrade - Geo

The TECHT L7 Bolt Engine for the Planet Eclipse Geo Series of paintball markers totally reconfigures the marker's method of operation. By replacing the stock style bolt with the L7 Bolt, performance is increased on every level. 

Using the L7 Bolt will:
1. Lower the operating pressure (softer on brittle paint), 
2. Lower the dwell (faster bolt movement), 
3. Improve consistency (improved accuracy), 
4. Improve air efficiency (less air per shot), 
5. Lower the sound signature (quieter when fired), 
6. Improve first shot drop off (no more bolt stick)

This version of the L7 Bolt will work with the Planet Eclipse GEO, GEO+, SL91, GEO2, GEO2.1,GEO3, and GEO3.1.

The L7 Bolt is constructed of high grade aircraft aluminum and machined delrin. This bolt comes with the standard TECHT LIFETIME WARRANTY from defects. 

We have be producing and perfecting the L7 Bolt design since 2006. Players all over the world agree that the L7 Bolt is the best upgrade you can do for your marker. 

If you experience bolt stick or first shot drop off, give the L7 Bolt a try! 

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