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Eclipse Marker Grease

Planet Eclipse

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Eclispe Marker Grease
<body> <p align="center"><b><font size="4">Eclipse Grease </font></b></p> <p align="center">All new Eclipse Grease! Ideal for lubing your Inline Regulator Piston, Low Pressure Regulator Piston or simply to make things really slippy! If you have a spool valve marker such as a Shocker or DM then you’re in luck as almost all of their mechanical components will thrive if you lube them with Eclipse Grease.</p> <p align="center">Warning : Eclipse Grease is NOT intended to be used on any Ego/Etek Rammer Assembly as this will affect the performance of your marker. To lubricate the Rammer correctly use Eclipse Gun oil.</p> <p align="center"> </p> </body>

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