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Violent Series G3/4/FX Trigger - Scythe


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Violent Series G3/4/FX Trigger - Scythe

Violent Series Trigger

Violent Series trigger for the Dangerous Power G4 / FX / SPEC-R markers. This trigger is made of Delrin so it is super lightweight and very responsive. This trigger uses dual bearings and the stock pivot pin to virtually eliminate all side to side play. The front face of the trigger has a nice radius that runs down the full length of the trigger. The radius on the front gives you a nice feel and contact point with your fingers, not a flat front and corner edge like other triggers on the market. Available in two styles, Scythe and Deuce.

We have added a micro switch adjustment allowing you to fine tune your marker. This is a feature not standard on the Spec-R and FX markers.

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