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Violent Series Etek 3 / 4 LT/AM Trigger - Deuce


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Violent Series Etek 3 / 4 LT/AM Trigger - Deuce

Violent Series - Etek 3/4 Trigger

Violent Series Deuce trigger for the Planet Eclipse Etek 3 / Etek 4 LT or AM. This trigger is made of Delrin so it is super lightweight and very responsive. The front face of the trigger has a nice radius that runs down the full length of the trigger. The radius on the front gives you a nice feel and contact point with your fingers, not a flat front and corner edge like other triggers on the market.

The Etek 3 /ek 4 trigger also comes with an aluminum carrier with precision dual bearings to give you that unbelievably responsive feel like the Ego and Geo markers. The carrier also has a magnet installed for the magnetic return feature.

The trigger and carrier comes fully assembled utilizing a new smaller diameter pivot pin.

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