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G.I. Sportz Craze 2000 Round Case

Kore Outdoor

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G.I. Sportz Craze 2000 Round Case

G.I. Sportz Craze 2000 Round Case

Special-FX Performance Paintballs for specialized scenario events and games. Experience Halloween Haunts, Zombie Hunts, Alien Invasion and Night Games at UNLEASHED CRAZY levels!

Formulated to glow under black lights arming the shooter with a laser beam shot that shatters on the Scenario Actor. The custom engineered GLO FILL formulation is designed to perform under black or blue lit environments and leave glowing paint splats that are still easy to clean. Easy-Break shells for low impact hits Instant performance with no advance charging needed!

Halloween Haunts, Zombie Hunts, Night Games, Alien Invasions and More!

Tailored to enhance your scenario experience!

  • Engineered for specialized performance
  • Fluorescent Yellow Metallic Shell - Yellow Glow Fill

    Available in:

  • Scented
  • Glow in the Dark
  • SFX Printing





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