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Field One Force Dust Black

Field One

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Field One Force Dust Black

Field One Force

The Force paintball marker is the product of thoughtful design, professional grade performance goals and extensive testing in some of the most demanding playing conditions on the planet. The Force is simple to use and easy to maintain, making it an obvious choice for paintball players at all levels of the game with all levels of experience. We at Field One Paintball back all of our products with an industry leading warranty and support program to ensure that your equipment keeps up with the demands of your game and exceeds your expectations of performance.

The Force Nucleus engine is the centerpiece of the Force and offers extremely high end performance and efficiency while requiring minimal maintenance to keep it running.

The Force features a dual power source option, Power Select, which offers you the choice of running your marker on AA batteries in the fore grip or an optional rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery that fits within the grip frame compartment. You can also keep both equipped so you always have a back up power source available with the flip of a switch.

GripShift technology offers players of all sizes a way to customize the fit of the marker to their specific needs. For a quick look at how the GripShift works, check out this video.

An improved LeverLock feedneck and Cam Drive ASA make setup a breeze while offering a durable and reliable system for attaching the air system and loader to your Force.

The included AccuLock Barrel System gives players an advantage in accuracy and adaptability for a variety of grades and brands of paintballs while staying true to the Force marker’s characteristics of solid and dependable. For a breakdown on how the AccuLock Barrel System will enhance your equipment and improve your game

All Force markers come with a high quality and highly functional Field One Marker Bag and are covered by a rock solid Field One Warranty and Support program.

Order your Field One Force today and prepare to BE A FORCE!


  • Power Select - You choose the power source! The Force is equipped with 2 AA batteries in the fore-grip and a LiPo rechargeable battery in the grip-frame. Switch between the two power sources by toggling the switch located on the main-board.
  • The Nucleus engine was designed for optimal performance with minimal maintenance. Use of U-Cups for all of the dynamic seals means less drag and longer life.
  • Grip Adjustable Foregrip Shift - Grip Shift allows you to choose between two different foregrip positions. Extended for a standard few and compact for a tighter feel. This feature is great for younger and smaller players.
  • Acculock Barrel System - The F1 Force includes the Acculock barrel system. This 3 Piece 14 inch barrel system comes with .691 And .683 guide bores. Additional sizes available.
  • Illuminate 4-C Eye System - The Force is equipped with 2 sets of electronic eyes designed to maximize rate of fire by preparing the system to fire and at the same time minimizing ball breakage. The 4-C system works with the Field One software system to insure peak performance.
  • Gas Interlock - The gas interlock system insures that your engine stays firmly in place whenever your gun is aired up.
  • Cam Drive ASA - The Cam Drive ASA allows you to turn your air supply on and off by simply twisting the knob located on the bottom of the air system adapter. Tried and true this design is reliable and practical.
  • Magnetic Trigger - With the Field One magnetic trigger finding the trigger pull that you love is a breeze. No annoying springs or difficult adjustments. Adjust the tension of the roller bearing trigger weather it is installed in the gun or separated.
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