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Empire Pipe 2 Piece Barrel Kit Dust Black

G.I. Sportz

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Empire Pipe 2 Piece Barrel Kit Dust Black

Empire Pipe 2 Piece Barrel Kit 

*This kit will include*
- Pipe Barrel
- Pipe Back .678
- Pipe Back .683
- Pipe Back .688

The Empire Pipe barrel offers stunning accuracy due to the long 7.5 inch control bores and the mirror-honed internal polishing. That polishing also allows you to shoot the barrel clean, since paint won't stick inside. We added a little "bling" just for kicks, meaning that there are five colored accent rings that are interchangeable and just add that little touch of style. The precise placement of the porting gives the Empire Pipe barrel a very quiet sound signature, so your opponents won't know what hit them.

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