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Dye Navigator 2.50S


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Dye Escape .30S Backpack

Dye Navigator 2.50S

The DYE Navigator’s unique design allows you to isolate your dirty field gear from your clean street clothes. Its dual-segment construction completely separates the bag into two halves. You can fill the top section with all your markers, goggles, jerseys, pants, and any other gear you need. Keeping all of your clean clothes in the bottom section, so you can go out to your celebration dinner clean and stylin’. The top section of the navigator converts to a backpack with padded straps and back support, while the bottom section can be left at the hotel with all of your clean clothes for the tournament after-party nightlife. The navigator can hold both your main gun and your back up. You can also store your goggles without the worry of them deforming when left in the trunk. The bottom section features two large compartments: one to store your clean folded clothes, and another waterproof compartment for all of your bathroom supplies. The navigator features all the luggage possibilities you need in one product, for both on and off the field.

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