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Dynamic Sports Gear Microfiber Cloth Blue

Dynamic Sports Group

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Dynamic Sports Gear Microfiber Cloth Blue

Dynamic Sports Gear Microfiber Cloth Black

Dynamic Sports Gear microfiber cloth for cleaning paintball goggle glasses. The microfibre surface of the cloth takes paint, dirt and moisture from the lens surface. The result is a clear and streak-free view within a few seconds.

No other cleaning products on the glass mask is required. A must-have accessory which each player should have in his pocket.

User Instructions:

1. Wibe away the hit by using the sleve of your jerseys.
2. Wipe the microfiber cloth in circles over the lens. RWipe from the inside lens area to the outside to get the best result.
3. Maybe you need to turn the cloth around and wipe again.

Ready, clear and streak-free view!

Product Details:
Size: 30×30 cm, perfect size for pocket

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