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Dynamic Sports Gear Dye D.A.M Air Thru Stock System Black

Dynamic Sports Group

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Dynamic Sports Gear Dye D.A.M Air Thru Stock System Black

Dynamic Sports Gear Dye D.A.M Air Thru Stock System

Dynamic Sports Gear brings you the Dye D.A.M. Air Stock System, the brand new upgrade for your Dye DAM tactical Paintball marker.

The development, design and production of the DAM Air Stock Adapters have been fully carried out in Germany, and according to German quality and processing standards.

The Air Stock System replaces the serial stock of the marker and allows to use the Dye DAM without any air hoses or unwelcome preset system at the grip. The integrated 0.2 liters / 12ci compressed air tank with 200 bar / 3000 PSI filling pressure has a PI approved regulator, an output pressure of 850 PSI and lasts for about 150 shots (depending on the FPS performance).

The installation of the D.A.M. Air Stock system is very simple and can be performed within a few minutes (see Product Video / Video Installation).

The whole setup is designed to enable fast and simple conversion of the marker. The new Air Stock Adapter is mounted with the screw of the standard buttstock. The air supply is provided by the so-called “air connector Pin”, it replaces the lock pin in the back of the DAM marker body. The included “ASA lock screw” closes the air circulation system by screwing into the markers ASA adapter. Due to this assembly no changes to the marker are required, and all conversions can be requested within moments undone. Thus, the marker is so versatile and flexiebel like the original after installation / conversion.

Product Details of Dynamic Sports Gear D.A.M. Stock Air Systems:- Quick and easy installation

Improve the handling of the marker
Up to 150 + shots per fill
Adjustable stock length
Delivery of the Dynamic Sports Gear D.A.M. Air Stock Systems:

Dye DAM Air Stock Adapter (Aluminium)
Air Connector Pin
0.2 liters / 12ci HP System 200 bar / 3000 PSI (PI tested)
Stock Guide
M-16 stock for HP bottles up to 50mm diameter
ASA Lock Screw

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