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DLX Luxe Encore Bolt Kit - 1.0-OLED

DLX Technology Group

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DLX Luxe Encore Bolt Kit - 1.0-OLED

DLX Luxe Encore Bolt Kit

The ENCORE Bolt System is a breath of fresh air for your Luxe marker. You can now add the latest in bolt technology to your existing marker. The famous ICE coating is better then before, longer lasting and an even smoother bolt movement.

The second big change is that the ENCORE bolt does not use any springs. Gone are the days when the bolt spring would bend or even break.

Available for - Luxe ICE (red boltguide) and - Luxe 2.0/1.5/1.0/OLED (blue boltguide)

The dwell should be adjusted two point upwards, to adjust your Luxe perfectly for the new ENCORE bolt.

The installation is easy. For the ICE just unscrew your existing bolt from the Backcap and screw on the new ENCORE bolt and your done. You can even decide if you want to use the spring behind the boltguide or not, both setups work.

For the 2.0 style Luxe you need to disassemble the Backcap and insert the Lockingpin and Boltcover into the new ENCORE bolt.

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