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Custom Dye UL-S Barrel Back - Autococker - .688 - Royalty


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Custom Dye UL-S Barrel Back - Autococker - .688 - Royalty

Custom Dye UL-S Barrel Back

 *Brand new UL-S back custom anodized by Armored Anodizing  for Paintball Wizard*

DYE Barrels set the standard for accuracy and quality nearly 25 years ago and continue to do so today. DYE’s new UL-S Barrel back gives you more control and more accuracy with an extended 7.9 inch control bore. The UL-S control back uses multi-stage precision honing, the most accurate and consistent finish available in paintball, eliminating ball spin, and improving accuracy. Self-aligning two piece construction ensures properly centered assembly between control bore and steady port tip. This combination of precision components provides an extremely quiet shot, superior accuracy, and total performance. The DYE Ultralight Barrel System is designed to give you the ability to easily change barrel length and bore size to match your performance needs.


  • 7.9” barrel back
  • Autococker Quick threads
  • 1 inch longer control bore
  • 5.7grams- lighter than standard UL back
  • Compatible with all DYE barrel tips
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