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DLX Luxe X Polished Purple / Black


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DLX Luxe X Polished Purple / Black

DLX Luxe X

The Luxe design team has led the way in tournament paintball technology by innovating features like tool-free complete valve and bolt access, hose-free gas routing and cutting edge player feedback with both voice and OLED menus. The progress continues with the Luxe X, the next generation in the continual evolution of the world’s leading luxury paintball marker.

The all new Luxe X builds on design philosophies that have taken the Luxe to the top of the game - whether it be on a tournament field, out in the woods, or simply in the hands of a player who demands the very best. The Luxe X is built with an uncompromising commitment to reliability, performance, and ease of use without taking any shortcuts in materials, craftsmanship, manufacturing processes or support.

New features found in the Luxe X include:

  • Tool-Free disassembly goes further – Not content to have started paintball design trends by providing fast tool-free access to the spool valve, bolt and Vision anti-chop eyes, the Luxe Design Team has extended this feature to the Luxe X grip frame which can be separated from the marker’s body by unlocking a set of secure quick-release latches. A secure locking system ensures that the grip frame cannot be removed while the Luxe X power core is in place, but once the marker has been field stripped, the grip can be removed in seconds.
  • Wire-free electronic connections – First they got rid of the hoses, now another common electronic paintball marker failure point is gone. The Luxe X circuit board, battery, speaker and solenoid valve all utilize direct conductive connections, eliminating the traditional bend-and-break soldered or plug and socket wire connections between components.
  • Hinge Ball Detents – Still meeting the ball and bolt at a shallow angle, the new Luxe X ball detent design flexes out of the way on a spring loaded hinge, delivering improved reliability in dusty and sandy environments. This new design has proven more durable through rigorous on-field testing, allowing a longer service life for each detent.
  • Quarter-turn electronic mount pins – Yes, even the Luxe X circuit board can be removed quickly without tools.
  • Internal charging circuit - With battery diagnostic and charging circuits now fully integrated into the Luxe X circuit board and USB compatibility the LuxeX is not limited to power outlet availability for charging its internal battery. A world of power options are available – the included Luxe X wall charger, computer USB ports, portable USB power pack, in-vehicle USB charging port., and the stand alone battery charger (sold separately)
  • Muti-Stage power core – The Luxe X power core still de-gasses and slides right out of the marker like its trend setting predecessors, but it’s new active bolt guide improves gas efficiency through more precise control of the firing chamber recharge cycle.
  • Internal Ceramic Elastomer – The new surface finishing technology found in the Luxe ICE is here to stay. Combining the durability of ceramic, the friction reduction of PTFE and the corrosion resistance of high-phosphor nickel, the ICE coating is fused to the Luxe X internal components with an auto-catalytic reaction resulting in a surface so slippery that the Luxe X can operate reliably, even in the worst conditions
  • Improved reliability solenoid valve – The new custom solenoid valve allows debri from dirty air fills to flow thru the valve rather than causing clogs or leaks which can leave other solenoid valves disabled.
  • Compact, hard cased lithium battery – Always rechargeable to be ready at a moment’s notice the Luxe battery has evolved into a package that is more durable and easier to install than ever before. With a separately available external charger, the new Luxe X battery is as quick to charge and swap as the battery in a digital camera.
  • USB-C connection – The days of being stuck due to a lost proprietary cable are in the past. The Luxe X conforms to the USB-C standard, allowing the same USB-C cable to be used for in-marker battery charging or firmware updates.
  • Single Pin Trigger Pivot – The Luxe X trigger now pivots around a single precision machined threaded pivot pin making trigger changes faster and easier while ensuring perfect lateral alignment of the trigger’s dual bearing sets..
  • New Luxe Max-Flo Regulator – Players don’t talk much about the Luxe regulator. This is partly because it is hidden away so elegantly in the Luxe foregrip without any bulky connectors or leaking hoses that it goes unnoticed. It is also because it just plain works. It’s hard to improve on perfection, but the Luxe design team did. The updated Luxe X internals are designed with a minimalist approach, reducing the number of orings which in turn reduces potential failure points and wear items. Expanded air chambers and flow paths have increased the regulator’s maximum flow capacity while retaining its responsive low-pressure stability.
  • Freak XL Barrel System – There is no way the best luxury paintball marker would be paired up anything but the world’s most flexible barrel system. The Freak XL, the latest generation of the world-renowned barrel features longer control bore inserts than its predecessors. Starting with the included .687 Freak XL insert, collecting inserts in a variety of bore sizes provides the perfect paint to barrel fit – even when paint brands or the weather changes the situation – the Freak XL works with the Luxe X to get the best accuracy and air efficiency possible out of any paint in all conditions.



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