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Carbon Base LS Paintball Loader - Black


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Carbon Base LS Paintball Loader - Black
Carbon Base LS Paintball Loader - Black

Carbon Base LS Paintball Loader


The BASE Loading System is the best gravity fed hopper available. The loading system features a filtering tray. Design allows a consistent rate of paintballs to be fed into the breach using minimal recoil. Lightweight, durable large capacity nylon shell with standard 1913 picatinny rail mount. Spring loaded locking lid for absolute paintball containment.

The LS Loader is a gravity fed loader designed to feed well using the recoil of the market to assist.


The BASE Loading System is the most advanced non electronic paintball loader available. Anti-jam technology maintains a consistent flow of paintballs within the lightweight tactical ready construction.

Anti Jam Tray

Unique tray design filters paintballs into separate areas to maximize feed rate and minimize congestion. Loader shelf diverts paintballs evenly creating less friction thus cutting out bottleneck effect.

Ballistic Shell

High impact resistant glass filled nylon shell. Custom tactical/ combat appearance with Milspec 1913 tactical rail. Standard size feedneck.

Latch Lid

Poly-carbonate spring loaded lid combined with widened fill area for easy ammo refills. Locking latch for exceptional paintball security.


  • .68 caliber compatible
  • No noise / sounds
  • Gravity fed (no batteries required)
  • 10+ balls per second feed rate
  • Low profile contoured shape
  • Easy clean surface
  • Glass filled nylon shell
  • MIL-STD 1913 picatinny rail
  • Widened lid area
  • Locking latch lid
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