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Azodin Blitz 3 Blue / Silver


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Azodin Blitz 3 Blue / Silver

Azodin Blitz 3

The Blitz 3 is the lightest and most rugged Blitz Azodin has ever produced. It is a more focused marker than its predecessor and promises an unrivaled experience. With a new compact regulator and screw-lock feedneck that meshes with its aggressive milling. The Blitz 3 is a union of form and function that is better in every measure.

Streamline Design
No more distracting hoses, fittings, or pieces digging into your wrists and interrupting your game. Its clean line helps the player to focus on hitting their target and laying down fire for their teammates. Its sleek design makes the marker more comfortable to hold for those long scenario games and drawn out points on the airball field.

Durable Construction
The Blitz 3 is designed to take the punishment normally experienced at the paintball field, including adverse conditions. The new feather regulator, combined with the stainless steel hose, provides a constant clean supply of air to the marker. The durable nylon reinforced composite frame ensures that hard falls and dives won't bend and damage the frame.

The Blitz 3 is 15% lighter than its predecessor and tips the scale at 2.05lbs. Azodin was able to achieve this feat by using a composite in the construction of the trigger frame and by aggressively milling the body of excess material.

New Feather Regulator
The feather regulator is making its debut on the blitz platform. Its design makes it compact, lightweight, and easier to service. The regulator uses a revolutionary piston with an integrated seat making ideal for both co2 and hpa.

User Friendly Features
The blitz 3 was designed with a close attention to the user experience. It is easier to setup with the preset feather regulator and screw-lock feedneck. Its more comfortable to hold with the lighter weight and full rubber membrane pad.

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