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Atomic Pickle ATOM6 Projectile - 105 Count

Atomic Pickle

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Atomic Pickle ATOM6 Projectile - 105 Count

Atomic Pickle ATOM6 Projectile

Atomic Pickle has developed the ATOM6 projectiles a new kind of paintball marker projectile that behaves differently than anything previously available. The material is very durable and has a specific level of flexibility (hardness) that allows the ATOM6 to absorb impact energy but still firm enough to retain its shape in the hopper. As a result, these balls accelerate and fly almost exactly the same as a normal paintball, but they lose their speed after only a few meters. Due to the light structure and the low material content, the balls are also much lighter. As a result, less mass hits the target, which in turn makes the hit much less painful than a real paintball.

All this makes Atom6 projectiles the ideal fun ball for all adrenaline junkys who own a paintball marker and want to deliver a wild shootout in their own home, in the backyard, without getting dirty or getting bruised.

The projectiles can be easily picked up after firing and then, after a short, superficial cleaning, fired directly again.

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