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Paintball Wizard Weekend Used Marker & Small Product Sale 5-1-21

Sale Update
Due to Covid and being short staffed there will be some restrictions:

Limit 4 customers in the store at a time. Please respect the waiting customers and only come in if you are shopping first thing in the morning. We will be limiting how long customers can remain in the store in the morning to 15 minutes. Once the initial rush is gone we will go back to normal.

If there are people waiting before open please form your own line. We are short staffed and cannot send someone out to help.


Used marker sale Saturday May 1st. Please read.

We finally got some time to go through some of the used markers we have at the shop. Unfortunately we do not have time to list them all online. We will have a list with pricing by tomorrow afternoon and will post it here.

It will be first come, first serve. These are for sale only. With the beginning of the season we are very busy and I will not have time to answer questions about these markers beforehand. They will all be available Saturday morning.

They have all been gone through and tested. We are only putting the ones up for sale that are working perfect.

We will have a few other clearance deals at the shop. Mainly on discontinued gear bags and clothing.

We will be restricting to only 4 customers in the shop at a time.

This is not one of our annual clearance sales. There will be no other items on sale except what was in this message.

More details to come.

Weekend Sale Flyer


Last Updated 4-30-21 12:35pm

Marker Color Overall Condition What's Included Price
1 SOLD Black Good/Excellent Case, Grease, Spares kit $700
2 SOLD Silver/Gold Good Case, spares kit $400
3 SOLD Silver/Pink Good Case, Spares, tools, grease, bolt bolt tips $450
4 Eclipse LV1.5 Black Good Case, Spares, Tools, Oil, Both Rammers, White Grips $800
5 Eclipse Etha 2 Custom Body Good Case, spares, tools, grease $400
6 Eclipse Etha 2 Pal Black Excellent Case, Grease, Tools, Spares, Manual, Barrel cover $425
7 DLX Luxe Ice Acid wash red Very good Case, grease, spares, barrel cover, XL Whip tip $800
8 Empire SYX Black/Silver Excellent Case, spares, grease $400
9 DLX Luxe Ice Gloss Blue Good Case, charger, spares, 2 triggers $725
10 Dye Rize Red/Black Excellent Box, Tools, Grease, barrel cover, Spares $225
11 Dye Rize Black/Grey Good/Excellent Box, Tools, Barrel cover, Grease $225
12 SOLD Twister body Black/Red Good/Excellent Eclipse case only- NO BARREL $200
13 Empire BT Dfender Camo Good/Excellent Red dot site- No box $600
14 SOLD Blue/Green NEW Everything as new $250
15 Proto Reflex Rail Grafic Blue Fair/Good proto case $200
16 Proto Reflex Rail Dust Grey/Orange Good/Excellent proto case $200
17 First Strike T15 PDW Black Like New Case, mags $600
18 Empire Resurrection Black Factory Refub Everything as new $350
19 Empire Resurrection Black Factory Refub Everything as new $350
20 Empire Resurrection Black Factory Refub Everything as new $350
21 Dye DAM DyeCam Good/Excellent Case, mags, stock barre, lapco barrel $800
22 Shocker AMP Pewter Excellent case, tools, spares