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Dye Billy Wing Bolt Kit DM9-11 / PM8


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Dye Billy Wing Bolt Kit DM9-11 / PM8

Dye DM9-11 / PM8 Billy Wing Bolt Kit

Who else would you trust for aftermarket upgrade parts for your DM than Billy Wing. Billy is a 12 year Pro veteran, and one of the head designers of DYE’s extensive gun line.

The B-Wing bolt kit is hand polished and fitted to ensure pro level performance. The mirror like finish allows for a lower LPR pressure, which renders less kick. The B-Wing bolt also helps prevent bolt stick, which improves shot to shot consistency.

Compatible with DM9-11 and PM8 only.

  • Hand Polished Bolt
  • Reduces Bolt Stick
  • Improves Shot To Shot Consistency
  • Operates With Lower LPR Pressure
  • Soft Tip Bolt

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