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Acetech Lighter S Tracer Unit For Airsoft Pistol

G.I. Sportz

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Acetech Lighter S Tracer Unit For Airsoft Pistol
Acetech Lighter S Tracer Unit For Airsoft Pistol

Acetech Lighter S Tracer Unit For Airsoft Pistol

The Lighter S, is a smallest and lightest tracer unit designed for the pistol, Because of its small dimension, it enables users easily to install it into their silencers or airsoft gun hand-guards as long as their inner space is larger than the dimension of Lighter S. (Diameter: 27mm or 1.06 inches, length: 67.3mm or 2.65inches)

Lighter S could light up green tracer BBs with very high brightness but lighten red tracer BBs with medium brightness.

Do not disassemble the Lighter S to prevent high voltage electrical shock.

It automatically switches off under the following conditions: A. Device has idled for 40 minutes B. When the battery power is low, after the power indicator blinks in red color for 3 seconds.

Remaining power indicator (flash once per second) A. Green light: high power B. Orange light: medium power C. Red light: low power

Do not look straight into the muzzle to check the installation of the device to prevent any accident like mistakenly pulling the trigger or firing the gun.

In order to extend the built-in Li-Poly battery Accessories:

MicroUSB charging cable x 1
Adaptor x 1 (M11 clockwise thread to M14 anti-clockwise thread)


  • Ultra-compact design; less than 2.5” long and a little over 1” in diameter
  • High-power LED illuminators; 2 illuminators built in for optimal performance
  • Built-in motion sensor; On and Off power controlled automatically by the sensor
  • Can sustain 35 rounds per second
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery and USB charging port
  • Integrated battery level indicator; battery lasts up to 20,000 rounds!
  • Tracer unit fits in other Airsoft suppressor shells that fall within specifications
  • 11mm Negative threads; package includes adapter to 14mm Negative threads
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