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Category Index
12GM Co2
200 Rounds
Alpha Black Fatory Parts
Avatar Mask Lens
Avatar Masks
Blackstar Bottle Cover
Bt Magazine Packs
Co2 Burst Disc
Co2 Buttplates
Co2 Fill Stations
Co2 Tanks
Compressed Air Fill Stations
Discontinued Items
Dm 11 Markers
Droid Upgrades
Dye Barrel A5/X7/BT
Dye Barrel Autococker/Mini/Dm/Nt/Rail
Dye Barrel Impulse/Ion/Nxt
Dye Barrel Model 98
Dye Barrel Spyder/Er3/Pirhana
Dye Liquid Rotor Sale
Dye Slide Shorts
Dye Ultra Light Barrel Fronts
Empire Markers With Free Halo Too
ER3 Markers
ER3 Upgrades
Evlution Loader Parts
Evlution Loaders
Field Netting & Clips
Flex 8 Masks
Free E-Vent Mask With The Purchase Of These Select Markers
Guerilla Air 68ci 45k
Invert Jerseys
Invert Mask Accessories
Invert Pants
Ion Upgrades
Loader Elbows
Luxe Upgrades
Magna Loaders
Ninja Bottle Cover
Nxe Packs
Paintball Decals
Paintball Scenario Equipment
Paintball Scenario Vest Accessories
Phantom Upgrades
Pirhana Markers
Pirhana Upgrades
Proflex Masks
Protege/Vice Upgrades
Proto Bottle Covers
Proto Loaders
Proto Packs
Proto Pants
Proto Slide Shorts
Pure Energy Basic 62ci 3k
Rail Reflex Markers
Ramp Paintballs
Replacement Battery
Rip Clip Accessories
Save Phace Dope Series Masks
Save Phace Full Monty Series Masks
Save Phace Just Ill Series Masks
Save Phace Marks Allot Series Masks
Save Phace OU812 Series Masks
Save Phace Simply Sick Series Masks
Save Phace So Phat Series Masks
Save Phace Tagged Series Masks
Shocker SFT/NXT Upgrades
Slg/Slg Ul Upgrades
Sly Profit Mask Accessories
Tech T Barrel A5/X7/BT
Tech T Barrel Autococker/Mini/Dm/Nt/Rail
Tech T Barrel Impulse/Ion/Nxt
Tech T Barrel Model 98
Tech T Barrel Spyder/Er3/Pirhana
Tiberius Arms Upgrades
Tippmann Loaders
Virtue Crown Accessories
Virtue Headband & Headwraps
Vlocity Loader Parts
Vlocity Loaders
Headwraps & Headbands
  > Bt Headwraps & Headbands
  > Bunkerkings Headwear
  > Dye Head Gear
    • Dye Beanies
    • Dye Headwraps & Headbands
  > Eclipse Headgear
  > Exalt Head Wear
  > HK Army Head Gear
  > Ninja Paintball Headwear
  > Paintball Hats
  > Rothco Headwraps
  > Virtue Headbands & Headwraps
Paintball Accessories
Paintball BDU Jackets & Pants
  > BDU Jackets
  > BDU Pants
Paintball Footwear
Paintball Gloves
  > Bunkerkings Gloves
  > Dye Gloves
  > Eclipse Gloves
  > Empire Bt Gloves
  > Empire Gloves
  > Exalt Hard Shell Gloves
  > Extreme Rage Gloves
  > Hk Army Pro Gloves
  > Invert Gloves
  > JT Gloves
  > Jt Gloves
  > Proto Gloves
  > V-Tac Gloves
Paintball Jerseys
  > Bt Jerseys
  > Dye Jerseys
  > Eclipse Jerseys
  > Empire Jerseys
  > HK Army Jerseys
  > Jt Jerseys
  > Valken V-Tac Echo Jerseys
Paintball Pants
  > Bt Pants
  > Dye Pants
  > Eclipse Pants
  > Empire Pants
  > Exalt Pants
  > GI Sportz Pants
  > Hk Army Pants
  > Jt Pants
  > NXE Elevation Pants
Paintball T-Shirts
Bt Gearbags
Bunkerking Gearbags
Dye Gearbags
Eclipse Gearbags
  > Eclipse Classic Kitbag
  > Eclipse Gravel Bag
  > Eclipse GX Split Bags
  > Eclipse Holdall Bag
  > Eclipse Marker Bag
Empire Gearbags
Exalt Gearbags
G.I. Sportz Gearbags
Gen-x Global Gearbags
Proto Gearbags
Tippmann Gearbags
Virtue Gearbags
Protective Gear
Field Equipment
My Account
Chest Protectors
  > Bt Chest Protectors
  > Dye Chest Protector
  > Eclipse Chest Protector
  > Empire Chest Protectors
  > Gen-x Global Chest Protectors
  > Proto Chest Protectors
  > Tippmann Chest Protectors
Elbow Pads
Elbow Pads
  > Bunkerkings Elbow Pads
  > Dye Elbow Pads
  > Eclipse Elbow Pads
  > Empire Elbow Pads
  > Exalt Elbow Pads
  > GI Sportz Elbow Pads
  > HK Army Hardline Elbow Pads
  > Proto Elbow Pads
  > Virtue Elbow Pads
Head Protection
Knee Pads
  > Bunkerkings Knee Pads
  > Dye Knee Pads
  > Eclipse Knee Pads
  > Empire Knee Pads
  > Exalt Knee Pads
  > GI Sportz Knee Pads
  > HK Army Hardline Knee Pads
  > Proto Knee Pads
  > Virtue Knee Pads
Neck Protectors
  > Bt Neck Protector
  > Dye Neck Protector
  > Eclipse Neck Protectors
  > Exalt Neck Protectors
  > Jt Neck Protectors
  > Tippmann Neck Protectors
Slide Shorts
About Us
Gift Certificate
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New Items
Azodin Markers
  > Blitz 3 Markers
  > Kaos 2 Markers
  > KP3 Markers
Bob Long Markers
  > Insight NG
CCI Markers
D3FY Markers
  > Conquest Markers
  > D3S Markers
Dangerous Powers Markers
  > DP G5
  > E1 Markers
  > G4 Markers
DLX Luxe Markers
  > Luxe Ice Markers
  > Luxe OLED Markers
Dye Markers
  > Dye Assault Marker
  > Dye Dm 13
  > Dye Dm 14
  > Dye Dm 15
  > Dye Dm12 Markers
  > Dye M2
  > Dye M2 Mosair
  > Nt 2011 Markers
Empire Bt Markers
  > Delta Markers
  > Empire Bt Combat Markers
  > Empire Bt Defender
  > Empire Bt Slice Markers
  > Omega Markers
  > SA-17 Markers
  > TM Markers
  > Tracer Pump Marker
Empire Invert Markers
Empire Markers
  > Axe Markers
  > Axe Pro Markers
  > Empire Axe 2 Markers
  > Empire Mini Markers
  > Empire Resurrection Autococker Markers
  > Empire Sniper Pump Markers
  > Empire Vanquish Markers
  > Mini GS Markers
GOG Markers
HK Army Markers
JT Markers
  > Impulse Markers
  > JT DL9
  > JT E-Icon Markers
  > JT US-50 Pistol
Kingman Markers
  > Electra Markers
  > Pilot Markers
Kingman Markers
  > Extra Markers
  > Fenix Markers
  > MR 100 Pro Markers
  > MR6 Markers
  > Spyder MRX Markers
  > Victor Markers
MacDev Markers
  > Drone 2 Markers
  > MacDev Clone 5
Planet Eclipse Markers
  > Eclipse Ego LV1 Markers
  > Eclipse Ego LVR Markers
  > Eclipse Etha Markers
  > Eclipse GSL Markers
  > Ego Markers
  > Etek Markers
  > Geo 3 Markers
  > Geo CS1 Markers
  > Geo Markers
  > GTEK 160R Markers
  > Gtek Markers
  > Planet Eclipse CSR
  > Planet Eclipse Ego LV1.1 Pro Markers
  > Planet Eclipse Etha 2
Proto Markers
  > Proto Rail Maxxed
  > Proto Reflex Rail
  > Proto Rize
  > Proto Rize Maxxed
  > Rail Markers
  > Reflex 13 Markers
SP Markers
Tiberius Markers
Tippmann Markers
  > A5 Markers
  > Cronus Markers
  > Crossover Markers
  > FT-12 Markers
  > Gryphon Markers
  > Model 98 Markers
  > Stryker Markers
  > TCR Markers
  > Tipx Markers
  > TMC Markers
  > US Army Markers
  > X7 Phenom Markers
US Army Markers
  > Alpha Black Markers
  > Carver One Markers
  > Salvo Markers
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Dye Combo Deals
Dye Masks
  > Dye Mask Accessories
  > I3 Masks
  > I4 Masks
  > I5 Masks
Dye Masks Accessories
  > I3 Mask Lens
  > I4 Mask Lens
Empire Mask Accessories
  > Empire Mask Accessories
  > Event Mask Lens
  > EVS Mask Accessories
  > EVS Mask Lens
Empire Masks
  > Empire E-Flex Masks
  > Empire EVS Masks
  > Empire Vidar Masks
  > Event Masks
  > Invert Helix Masks
Event Mask Accessories
HK Army KLR Mask Accessories
  > HK Army KLR Parts
  > KLR Lenses
  > KLR PVT Lock Accents
  > KLR Soft Foam Ears
  > KLR Straps
JT Mask Accessories
  > JT Mask Extras
  > Jt Mask Lense
  > Jt Mask Pieces
JT Masks
  > New Jt Proflex LE
KLR Mask Accessories
KLR Masks
Mask Accessories
Proto Mask Accessories
  > Axis Mask Lens
  > Proto Mask Accessories
  > Switch Mask Lens
Proto Masks
  > Axis Masks
  > Switch Masks
Save Phace Masks
  > Save Phace Diss Series Masks
Sly Masks
  > Sly Profit Masks
Spectra Masks
Tippmann Masks
  > Tippmann Intrepid Masks
  > Tippmann Mask Accessories
  > Tippmann Valor Masks
  > Tp 420 Masks
Vforce Mask Accessories
  > Grill Mask Lens
  > Profiler Mask Lens
  > V-Force Mask Accessories
Vforce Masks
  > Grill Masks
    • Grill Special Colors
    • Grill Special Editions
    • Grill Standard Colors
  > Profiler Masks
Virtue Vio Mask Accessories
  > Virtue Vio Facemask
  > Virtue Vio Fan
  > Virtue Vio Lenses
  > Virtue Vio Mask Parts
  > Virtue Vio Mask Straps
  > Virtue Vio Visors
Virtue Vio Masks
  > Vio Contour Graphic Masks
  > Vio Extend Graphic Masks
  > Vio XS Crystal Masks
  > Virtue Chromatic Contour Vio
  > Virtue Chromatic Extend Vio
  > Virtue Standard Contour Vio
  > Virtue Standard Extend Vio
  > Virtue Standard Vio Masks
  > Virtue Vio Ascend
Retail Store
Empire Loaders
  > Empire Battle Tested Loaders
  > Empire Scion Loaders
  > Halo 2 Loaders
  > Halo B Loaders
  > JT Loaders
  > Prophecy Loaders
GI Sportz Loaders
Gravity Feed Loaders
HK Army Loaders
Hopper Accessories
  > Dye R2 Loader Accessories
  > Halo 2 Parts & Upgrades
  > Halo B Parts & Upgrades
  > HK Army TFX Epic Speed Feeds
  > Loader Misc Accessories
  > Prophecy Loaders Parts & Upgrades
  > Rotor Parts & Upgrades
    • Rotor Color Kits
    • Rotor Parts & Upgrades
    • Rotor Speed Feeds
  > Spire Accessories
    • Spire 3 Color Kit / Color Windows
    • Spire Color Kits
    • Spire Shells
    • Spire Speed Feeds
Jt Loaders
Loader Accessories
Rotor Loaders & Rotor Accessories
  > R2 Loaders
  > Rotor Loaders
  > Ball Hauling Gear
  > Dye Tubes
  > Empire Tubes
  > Pod Cleaning Supplies
  > Virtue Pods
Valken Loaders
Virtue Spire
  > Virtue Spire 200
  > Virtue Spire 260
  > Virtue Spire III
CO2 Tanks
Co2 Tank Accessories
  > Tank Misc Accessories
Co2 Tanks
Hpa Tanks
Bottle Covers
  > BT Bottle Covers
  > BunkerKing Knuckle Butt
  > Dye Bottle Covers
  > Eclipse Bottle Covers
  > Empire Bottle Covers
  > Exalt Tank Covers
  > GI Sportz Tank Covers
  > HK Army Tank Grip
  > Ninja Bottle Covers
Empire Hpa Tanks
First Strike HPA Tanks
Guerilla Air HPA Tanks
HPA Bottles
Hpa Tank Accessories
  > Fill Nipple Covers
  > Hpa Burst Disc
  > Hpa Misc Accessories
  > Hpa Tank Regulators
  > Ninja Regulator Parts
  > Tank Orings
Ninja Hpa Tanks
  > Ninja 13ci 3k
  > Ninja 45ci 45k
  > Ninja 48ci 3k
  > Ninja 50ci 45k
  > Ninja 62ci 3k
  > Ninja 68ci 45k
  > Ninja 77ci 45k
  > Ninja 90ci 45K
  > Ninja Dura Line HPA Tanks
Pure Energy Basic Tanks
  > Pure Energy Basic 13ci 3k
  > Pure Energy Basic 47ci 3k
  > Pure Energy Basic 48ci 45k
  > Pure Energy Basic 68ci 45k
Pure Energy Tanks
  > Pure Energy 48ci 3k
  > Pure Energy 50ci 45k
  > Pure Energy 70ci 45k
  > Pure Energy 72ci 3k
  > Pure Energy 90ci 45k
Tippmann HPA Tanks
Packs & Remotes
Belt Extenders
Bt Packs
  > Bt 4+1 Packs
  > Bt 6+1 Packs
  > Empire Bt 4 Pod Harness
BunkerKing Packs
Dye Packs
  > Dye Assault Packs
  > Dye Attack Packs
Eclipse Pod Packs
Empire Packs
Empire Packs
  > Empire Action Ft Packs
  > Empire Compressor Ft Packs
  > Empire React Ft Packs
Gen-X Global Packs
GI Sportz Packs
  > GI Sportz Glide Pack
  > GI Sportz Race Pack
HK Army Packs
  > HK Army Eject Harness
  > HK Army Zero G Harness
Jt Packs
NXE Packs
Proto Fighter Packs
Tippmann Packs
  > Tippmann 2 Pod Packs
  > Tippmann 2+1 Pod Packs
  > Tippmann 3 Pod Packs
  > Tippmann 3-2-2 Pod Packs
  > Tippmann 4+1 Pod Packs
  > Tippmann 4-3-2 Pod Packs
  > Tippmann Belt Extender
Tactical Vests + Acc.
Dye Vest Accessories
Eclipse Tactical Vests
Gen-x Global Vests
Misc Scenario Accessories
Paintball Scenario Vests
Tactical Vests + Accessories
Tippmann Tactical Vests
Tippmann Tactical Vests Accessories
Cleaning + Safety
Barrel Blockers
  > BunkerKing Barrel Cover
  > DLX Barrel Cover
  > Dye Barrel Bags
  > Empire Barrel Bags
  > Exalt Barrel Bags
  > GI Sportz Barrel Bags
  > HK Army Barrel Bags
  > Tippmann Barrel Bags
  > Eclipse Barrel Sock
  > Bench Chrono
  > Hand Held Chrono
Marker/Tank Lubrication
  > Oil
  > Exalt Barrel Maid Pieces
  > Fuzzy Style Squeegees
  > Pull Thur Style Squeegees
  > Stick Style Squeegees
Tools & Maintenance Items
All Star Paintballs
Empire Brand Paintballs
Empire Brand Paintballs
Evil Paintballs
Formula 13 Paintballs
Heat Paintballs
Marballizer Paintballs
Paintball Grenades
Premium Paintballs
Reuseable Paintball
RPS Brand Paintballs
Tiberius Arms First Strike Rounds
Splatmaster Accessories
Splatmaster Markers
Splatmaster Paint
PBW Items
Gun Upgrades
Azodin Upgrades
Bob Long Upgrades
BT Marker Upgrades
  > Bt Factory Parts
  > Combat Upgrades
  > Delta Upgrades
  > Empire Bt Slice Upgrades
  > Omega Upgrades
  > Sa-17 Upgrades
  > TM Marker Upgrades
    • TM-15 Upgrades
    • TM-7 Upgrades
CCI Upgrades
Dangerous Powers Marker Upgrades
  > G3 Upgrades
  > G4 Upgrades
  > G5 Marker Upgrades
DLX Upgrades
Dye Marker Upgrades
  > D.A.M Upgrades
  > Dm 11-14 Marker Upgrades
  > Dm Factory Parts
  > Dye Rize / Rize Maxxed Upgrades
  > M2 Marker Upgrades
  > Nt Marker Upgrades
  > Older Dm Marker Upgrades
Eclipse Marker Upgrades
  > CS1 Upgrades
  > Ego 5 to 8 Upgrades
  > Ego 9 to 11 Upgrades
  > Etek Upgrades
  > Etha Upgrades
  > Geo Upgrades
  > Gtek Upgrades
  > LV1 Upgrades
Empire Marker Upgrades
  > Empire Axe Upgrades
    • Axe Factory Parts
  > Empire Mini Upgrades
  > Empire Vanquish Marker Upgrades
Empire Sniper Upgrades
GOG Marker Upgrades
  > GOG Enmey Upgrades
  > GOG Extcy Marker Upgrades
Gun Grips
Gun Upgrades
Kingman Marker Upgrades
  > Electra Upgrades
  > Extra Upgrades
  > MR Series / Hammer 7 Upgrades
  > Pilot Upgrades
  > Sonix Upgrades
  > Spyder Factory Parts
  > Victor Upgrades
MacDev Marker Upgrades
Marker O-Ring Kits
Misc Items / Milsim Grips & Rails
  > Grip Tape
  > Paintball Marker Racks
  > Tactical Grips
  > Tactical Rails + Rail Covers
  > Tactical Sights
Paintball Gun Sights
Paintball Gun Slings
Proto Marker Upgrades
  > Older Proto Marker Upgrades
  > Proto Factory Parts
  > Rail 2011 Upgrades
  > Rail Reflex Upgrades
Rap4 Marker Upgrades
Shocker Paintball Upgrades
Tippmann Marker Upgrades
  > A5 Upgrades
  > A5 Upgrades
    • A5 Factory Parts
  > Crossover Upgrades
  > FT-12 Upgrades
  > Model 98 Upgrades
  > Model 98 Upgrades
    • Model 98 Factory Parts
    • Model 98 Upgrades
  > TMC Upgrades
  > TPX Upgrades
  > Us Army Upgrades
  > X7 / Phenom Upgrades
    • X7 Phenom Upgrades
    • X7 Upgrades
US Army Marker Upgrades
  > Alpha Upgrades
  > Carver One Upgrades
  > Salvo Upgrades
  > Tippmann Cronus Upgrades
Worrgames Upgrades

A5/X7/BT Thread Barrels
Autococker/Mini/Dm/NT/Rail Thread Barrels
Barrel Accessories
Barrel Adaptors
Bt Barrels
  > BT Barrel A5/X7/BT
  > Bt Barrel Model 98
Custom Product Barrels
Deadlywind Barrels
Dye Barrels
  > Dye Ultra Light Barrel Backs
  > Dye Ultralight Pieces
Empire Barrels
  > Empire Barrel A5/X7/BT
  > Empire Barrel Autococker/Mini/Dm/Nt/Rail
  > Empire Barrel Impulse/Ion/Nxt
  > Empire Barrel Model 98
  > Empire Barrel Spyder/Er3/Pirhana
Empire Barrels
  > Empire Super Freak Parts
GOG Paintball Barrels
Impulse/Ion/NXT Thread Barrels
J&J Barrels
  > J&J Barrel A5/X7/BT
  > J&J Barrel Autococker/Mini/Dm/Nt/Rail
  > J&J Barrel Impulse/Ion/Nxt
  > J&J Barrel Model 98
  > J&J Barrel Spyder/Er3/Pirhana
Lapco Barrels
  > Lapco A5/BT/X7 Barrels
  > Lapco Autococker Barrels
  > Lapco Model 98 Barrels
Model 98 Thread Barrels
Proto Barrels
  > Proto Barrel A5/X7/BT
  > Proto Barrel Autococker/Mini/Dm/Nt/Rail
  > Proto Barrel Impulse/Ion/Nxt
  > Proto Barrel Model 98
  > Proto Barrel Spyder/Er3/Pirhana
Shocker Thread Barrels
Spyder/Er3/Pirhana Thread Barrels
Tech T Barrel
Tippmann Barrels
  > Tippmann Barrel A5/X7/BT
  > Tippmann Barrel Model 98
Eclipse Barrels
  > Eclipse Shaft 5 Backs
  > Eclipse Shaft FR Backs
  > Eclipse Shaft Pro Tips
  > Planet Eclipse Shaft FL Back
  > Planet Eclipse Shaft FL Tip
Air Hardware
Air Connectors
Gas Thur Grip
Marker Regulators
  > Custom Products Marker Regulators
  > Dye Marker Regulators
  > Exalt Regulator Cover
On/Off Adaptors